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Media Kit 2021/2022

DIARIO LAS AMÉRICAS News Portal and Digital Offer

DIARIO LAS AMÉRICAS success depends on its ability of adapt to the new era and understand how the information consumption has changed.

With exponential growth over the past five years, registering more than 3 million visits each month, the Diario Las Américas website has become the main source of information for the Hispanic market in the United States, as well as for the rest of America. and of the world.

More than 50% of our audience is based in North America. The rest is from South America and Europe, mainly from: Venezuela, Spain, Mexico, Colombia and Argentina.

First-class coverage, characterized by the most rigorous objectivity, allows access to information within seconds of the news. In addition, our robust audiovisual offer propitiates the steady increase in the number of visitors and the time they remain in the portal.

This has allowed us to develop strategies to help our advertisers effectively reach their target audience through native advertising on videos and articles, through direct and / or automated purchasing.

That is how at DLA we are constantly improving to stay on the wave and bring the best information using the top of the line technologies.

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We offer multiple advertising opportunities on our web page. Here are some options:

• Traditional banners under IAB standards (Interactive Advertising Bureau).

• Media rich banners such as Floaters, Skyscrapers, Page grabbers and expandable, among others, including Geolocation.

• Branded content.

• Diverse placement throughout the portal.


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