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Media Kit 2021/2022

DIARIO LAS AMÉRICAS: A state of the art variety of printed and digital products

Renowned for the past 68 years as one of the most important Spanish newspapers in Florida and USA, DIARIO LAS AMÉRICAS has evolved to offer a wide option of products landed in different media to reach almost any Spanish speaking target in the market.

Since our rebranding in 2015, DLA has worked hard to keep on the flow with new technologies and latest trends. Since then we have launched our new and robust webpage with a improved design for easier reading and navigation, and fortify or digital presence on social media and other relevant tools as emails, app and WhatsApp to distribute our content and reach a wider group of readers. This allows DLA to have the information posted minutes from when it happen. Our staff of experienced journalists and editors work each day focus on provide the most relevant and objective information that our readers can have, optimized for each media which were is presented. All these efforts make DIARIO LAS AMÉRICAS one of the most prominent news provider in Spanish around US.

A summary of our offer can be found bellow, and for any other information about advertising and editorial possibilities our Sales and Editorial Departments can be reach at [email protected] and [email protected]

DLA Printed Weekly Edition

With a new and improved tabloid size, DLA's weekly printed edition counts with 40 to 48 pages of the most relevant news from Latin America and around the world. This convenient size has become the preferred information source for South Florida latin market; and our Clasificados the most consulted pages for those that need buy or sell any product or service.


Special Editions and Editorial Content

On those moments or important dates that need to be resembled and commemorated, DIARIO LAS AMÉRICAS produce 8 - 12 pages inserts with special content related to that particular occasion. Some of our most recognized editions are Carnaval Calle Ocho, Open Enrollment, Cuban Independence: 20 de mayo, among many others that each year we produce with interviews and relevant information.


Magazines and other Editorial Projects

We can also elevate your brand by customizing content that is relevant and engaging to your audience. We can produce tailored magazines and other editorial products to fit your communication needs and reach the target audience you wish to attract. We will support you from content creation to distribution, whether as an insert to our publications or as a stand-alone piece.


Click here to check DLA'S Special Sections Calendar 2022

Webpage and Digital TV

With an exponential grow, since our relaunching, has become the main source of digital information for the latin market of US and the rest of America. Our top of the line coverage, characterized by the most strict objectivity, gives access to the information, seconds after the news occurs.

The people way to consume the information has suffer suffered changes, and the audiovisual has become a prefer way to get informed online. That's why, DIARIO LAS AMÉRICAS, has also developed a group of programs to be seen via Facebook Live, YouTube and, to target that audience.


Check our 2022 Calendar of Special Editions by clicking here Check our 2022 Calendar of Special Editions by clicking here


By the end of 2021 we launched DLANews, the new application for mobile devices that can be downloaded for free.

The sustained growth DLA's digital platform is made by thinking about providing you with various ways to receive immediate and verified information. With DLANews and within the reach of a click, can be received notifications of news events as they happen and stay up-to-date from the comfort of a phone or tablet.

The new application of DIARIO LAS AMÉRICAS, DLA NEWS, brings the reader closer to the news of Miami, the main cities of the US, Latin America and the world, sports, the latest in the show and everything that may be of interest.


Social Media Channels

DLA have has a very important number of followers though our Social Media Channel, that not only help us to get closer to our clients, but also work works as an excellent tool to promote any business to a younger target.



We offer a variety of newsletters that reach a +45,000 users segmented database; A daily newsletter that offer the most important worldwide news of the day and other thematic newsletters that have become our readers favorites to always be informed. Among them: a financial, a health and a sports newsletter.


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